Inflation Rate in Russian Federation

Inflation in Russia

Welcome to the website dedicated to inflation rate and statistical data in Russia.

Annually and monthly inflation from 1991 till now is represented in a convenient form of table and charts. Inflation calculators are available on the website to evaluate the inflation impact on money, prices and to calculate inflation between any two given periods of time.

Current Data

Inflation rate in August 2019 -0.24%
Inflation rate year to date, 2019 2.42%
Inflation rate in August 2018 0.01%
Inflation rate in August 2018 year to date 2.36%
Inflation rate in 2018 4.27%
Inflation for the last 12 months 4.33%
Inflation for the last 60 months (5 years) 37.39%



  • Inflation Table -- Monthly and annual inflation data in a table format
  • Inflation Chart -- graphical representation of monthly and annual inflation
  • Inflation Calculator -- calculators allowing to estimate the inflation influence on money (ruble) purchasing power, prices and to find out the inflation rate between two periods
  • Inflation Web Services -- expose the same logic as implemented in Calculators in a form of Web Services to be used by other applications
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